Flexitallic is the market leader for Spiral Wound Gaskets. From originating the spiral wound design– used as an industrial standard the world over– Flexitallic has continued to innovate designs for piping, flange, and industrial gaskets the world over. Technical Threads proudly has a large strategic inventory of Flexitallic Gaskets including the following:

CG Style Spiral Wound Gasket— perfect for standard flange applications– the CG style spiral has a filler/winding material that provides excellent sealing, along with a outer ring (aka centering ring) to properly situate the gasket in the flange.

CGI Style Spiral Wound Gasket— the most popular style of spiral that we stock– the CGI takes the design of the CG gaskets and adds an inner ring. The inner ring helps with a variety of issues– blowout resistance, buckling resistance, shielding the filler/windering from turbulance.

Flexitallic Fiber Sheets– we stock the complete range of Flexitallic Fiber Gasket Sheets. These sheets service the industrial specturm of applications— pumps/flanges/valves/vessels. We inventory the complete range, in a variety of thicknesses for same-day custom manufacturing and shipping.

Flexitallic Sigma Sheets– Sigma sheet is a special range of enhanced PTFE products. We stock the entire range, providing a complete solution for chemical and industrial applications. Sigma 11 (silica filler), Sigma 533 (barium sulfate filler), Sigma 588 (high compressible), Sigma 600 (ultra compressible) and Sigma 500 (glass microspheres) are all problem solvers for tough applications including high corrosion, low bolt loads, imperfect flange faces, multi media piping applications, and more!

Flexitallic Thermiculite Sheets– Thermiculite is a premium product. There are main variations. Model 835 is used in spiral wounds. Model 715 is a high performance coreless sheet that can replace many fiber (non asbestos sheets). However, the most prominent sheet, and what the market knows as a problem solver, is the Model 815 high temperature sheet. Used for years in succesful difficult applications, Flexitallic 815 is a replacement for graphite, mica and other high temp options. It has excellent chemical compatability, and is widely used in high-temp industrial applications, including exhaust, steam, engines, fertilizer manufacturing, and a variety of other applications.

LSI Style Spiral Wounds– used primarily on damaged/old or non standard flanges where a replacement would be impractical, the LSI spiral is a low-stress (low-compression) spiral wound gasket. The LS is a low stress spiral that does NOT have an inner ring (low stress version of the CG). We do supply these, but they are much less common than the LSI, and we do not inventory them.


Graphite Sheet Material– we inventory a full line of Flexitallic graphite sheet– wonderful for many standard applcations such as 150# ANSI flanges, but also great at niche or nonstandard applications such as vessels and non-class flanges. We stock with a stainless core foil insert (Flexitallic SR), with a tanged stainless insert (Flexitallic ST) and coreless (Flexitallic LS). Contact us today for custom sizes!