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Piping System Fastener Data

Resilient Seated BFV

Soft Cut Gaskets Dimensions

BOLT information for piping flanges

STUD information for piping flange

Metric Flange Bolting

U Bolts

Standard U Bolt

Coated U Bolts

Custom U Bolts

Piping Industry Bolting Data

(Belleville) Spring Washer Data

ASTM A307 Hex Bolts Grade A

ASTM A307 (Heavy) Hex Bolts Grade B

Drop-In Anchors

ASTM A307 Threaded Rod

ASTM A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts

ASTM A193 B7 Rod and Studs

Custom Stud Types

General Fastener Industry Data

Common Specification References

Corrosion Resistance Chart

Custom Coatings

Temperature Chart

Thread Galling in Stainless Fasteners


Resilient Seated BFV

Soft Cut Gaskets Dimensions


Viton (FKM)

Red Rubber (SBR)

Soft Gasket Dimensions

General Bolting Data

Hex Cap Screws Grade 8

Hex Cap Screws Grade 5

Hex Cap Screws Grade 2

Carriage Bolts Grade A

Carriage Bolts Grade 5

Hex Tap Bolts Grade A

Hex Lag Screws