ASME SA193 B16 is one of the most common fasteners specs for heavy industry, especially in the the petroleum, power and chemical industries. High temperature pressure flange joints on boilers, turbines, and other high pressure equipment are one of the main applications for SA193 B16 studs and bolts.

The “big brother” of B7 , B16 studs and bolts are found in similar situations, but are specified when a higher temperature is required. Vanadium is the main composition difference that separates B16 from B7, allowing the higher temperature limits.

Typically ASME SA194 Grade 4 Heavy Hex Nuts are specified with B16 studs & bolts, although Grade 7 is also fairly common. We supply B16 studs and bolts with nuts, or separately.

Also available are ASTM A193 B16 socket head cap screws and ASTM A193 B16 12 point flange screws (ferry bolts).

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