ASTM A574 is the governing spec for alloy carbon steel socket head cap screws (SHCS). Technical Threads stocks and supplies both standard, off-the-shelf configurations, as well as custom and made to order sizes. They differ from the more common hex head bolts and screws in several ways. Allen wrenches are used to operate them, which is the most obvious way. Also, per the specifications, A574 sockets are stronger than A307 fasteners. Correspondingly, they are more expensive. A variety of head styles exist, including flat head, button head, and several more. Sockets have tighter thread fits than standard hex heads, so they are often used in adjustment or precision applications.

Sockets are widely used in many applications industrially, especially on OEM-provided equipment. They are frequently found all over centrifugal and metering pumps, cylinders, rotary actuators, flow and level meters, valve bracketry, adaption devices,heads, filtration housings and more. Because many of these applications require precision, fine threads are more common in industrial socket applications than hex applications.

Coatings are available off the shelf in a wide variety of configurations, including several variations of zinc, patches, etc.

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