Technical Threads supplies Studs, Anchors, Bolts and other fasteners to ASTM A193 B8S for immediate shipment.

ASTM A193 B8S is Nitronic 60® (UNS S21800). Nitronic 60® stainless steel bolts are being increasingly specified bost domestically and internationally due to some of it’s uniquely strong properties. This is a fully austentic alloy designed for high temperatures. However, the market has expanded dramatically due to it’s ability for high-wear, galling-resistance and it’s general strength (around twice as strong as 316 SS). Consequently, besides studs, nuts and bolts, it’s also commonly used in heavy construction, such as bridge pins, hangers and joints. Additionally, it functions well in low-temperature applications as well as the high-temperature applications it was designed for.

Pump and valve manufacturers have turned to B8S for a solution to problematic shaft and stem applications in the hardest of industries, including chemical and corrosive slurry applications.

It’s also one of the common “go-to” metal options to deal with situations when galling is a persistent issue. This is probably the most common reason for the specifying of the material– it has both Silicon and Manganese added to the alloy to help with the wear. As a result of the composition, it gives up some of the corrosion resistance; other “high” alloys can have a higher corrosion resistance, but few can match the wear/galling strength properties of Nitronic 60®. As a result, applications that demand high temperature capabilities, high galling resistance and a measure of corrosive properties are a good fit for Nitronic 60® stainless steel bolts.

Technical Threads can produce Nitronic 60® stainless steel studs in house, and can supply Nitronic 60® heavy hex bolts, Nitronic 60® hex cap screws and Nitronic 60® heavy hex nuts for quick delivery.