Technical Threads manufactures domestic 304 SS studs for use in all types of industry.

There are many common applications– but one of the most popular use for 304 SS stud bolts is in piping flanges.

304 SS is a material, it is not a specification. Technical Threads can manufacture studs in this material to several common specifications including ASTM A193 Grade B8, ASTM F593D CW 1, ASTM A320 Grade B8 and ASTM F593C CW1 . Additionally, many commercial applications simply specify 304 SS as a material grade, and we can manufacture studs to this requirement, with certifications.

The water and waste water construction industry is one of the largest users of 304 SS stud bolts. In addition to flange applications, wall sleeves and anchors are two extremely common applications for 304 SS studs.

As a side note, many people ask for 18-8 studs as well. 18-8 is a larger group of stainless alloys that includes 304SS. Therefore, any stud that is a 304SS is, by definition, also an 18-8 stud as well.

Contact us today with your requirements, and we will be glad to assist. Additionally, we stock the corresponding nuts and hex cap screws.