ASTM A449 is a unique bolt spec. It is the “ASTM version” of the grade 5 SAE automotive bolt, virtually identical in both chemistry and strength requirements. It is beginning to work it’s way into heavy industry specifications.

ASTM A449 is most typically speced by piping system engineers who often come from a strcutrual background. A449 is used in structural applications for large bolts (when other structural specs are limited in their size range– i.e. ASTM A325 heavy hex structural bolts stop at 1-1/2″ diameter). such as or for non-critical applications.

In addition, the ASTM A449 is a fairly broad specification. The size range is 1/4″ through 3″. It covers both studs and bolts, so occasionally engineers will specify it for piping studs (it is tyipcally supplied zinc, unlike B7, which is typically supplied plain).

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