In addition to standard nuts, Technical Threads supplies many different nut configurations to ASTM A194 2H.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

ASTM A194 2H Coupling Nuts
These are typically used in high temp rod hanging applications. B7 and B16 long length rods are joined with these coupling nuts. These coupling nuts can be provided in standard configuration, or specially manufactured to non standard lengths or in a reducing hex coupling nut.

ASTM A194 2H Castle (Castellated) Nuts
ASTM A194 2H castle nuts are used in a variety of standard locking applications. Typically made in UNC, UN8 and UNF thread pitches, these nuts are often used in spinning/rotating high temp equipment applications found in heavy industrial processes. Additionally, they are often provided with holes for addition locking features. Dimension ally, they can be made to standard configuration, or supplied to a drawing.

ASTM A194 2H Cap Nuts
ASTM A194 2H cap nuts are found in high-temp applications, common in refineries, where the application demands enclosed threads. These nuts are huge! They are typically made to drawings, and can be provided for quick shipment. Different from general industry cap nuts (often “acorn” style nuts), these nuts are process-critical components, rather than decorative.

ASTM A194 2H Jam Nuts
ASTM A194 2H Jam Nuts are on of the most-supplied special nuts in ASTM A194 2H. These nuts are available for quick-shipment from stock, or made to order on a rush or production schedule. Jam Nuts are thinner than heavy pattern or finished pattern nuts. They are often used as a poor man’s locknut, or in an application where a customer desires redundancy, or in a space-limited applications. Commonly found on pumping and rotating equipment, ASTM A194 2H Jam Nuts can be supplied in UNC, UN8 or UNF thread pitch.

In the ASTM A194 specification, the 2H nut is the most common nut variation supplied in made-to-order configurations. However, Technical Threads can also supply other specifications, including ASTM A194 Grade 8 (304SS), ASTM A194 Grade 8M (316SS) or the exotics.

Please contact us today for information on these specialty nut offerings.