CG vs. CGI
A Flexitallic CGI gasket is a CG gasket with an inner. A CGI is usually considered to be better. A CGI is usally more expensive.

What is an isolation kit?
Isolation kits (also called FIKs or flange insulation kits) are designed to seal a flanged joint, and also provide cathodic protection to the joint. They create corrosion resistance through electrical isolation of the metal flanges. Typically a flange isolation kit contains a gasket, bolt sleeves, and two washers (an isolating washer and a metal washer). Typically, bolts are not included with isolation kits. Longer bolts are required for isolation kit applications, and studs are more commonly used than headed bolts.

Isolation kits are a whole sub-industry– please called us a for a detailed breakdown of your applications. We stock kits 1/2″ through 24″ on the shelf!