Technical Threads supplies Xylan® on a variety of fasteners, including Xylan® coated B7 bolts, Xylan® coated B7 studs, Xylan® coated L7 bolts, Xylan® coated L7 studs, Xylan® coated 2H nuts, and more! The Xylan® product is manufactured by Whitford and supplied on fasteners all over the world.

Xylan® is a line of fluoropolymer-based industrial coatings that is widely used on a variety of components found in heavy industry, including fasteners. Commonly referred to as “blue bolts” or “teflon® coated”, the Xylan line of coatings is actullay a broad and diverse line that can be applied to a variety of applications.

The specific advantages include:
Increased corrosion resistance
Reduction of installation torque
Reduction of galling

The most common type of Xylan® today in the fastener world is Xylan® 1424. It’s an improvement on the original 1070 series which is over 30 years old. Commonly supplied in blue, it’s available in a variety of finishes for specific applications.

Blue Teflon® coatings are specificed a variety of ways. FluoroKote #1®, another fluoropolymer coating, is often specified interchangably with Xylan®.

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Xylan Coated Stud