Technical Threads stocks ASTM A193 B8 studs and bolts for immediate shipment. This is the most common type of stainless fastener used in heavy industrial piping systems.

ASTM A193 B8 Stainless is 304 SS (UNS S30400). It is used in a variety of industrial systems, including pumps, valves, and flanges. B8 studs are the most widely supplied stainless studs to the piping industry.

Technical Threads stocks heavy hex bolts, as well as studs in both finished common sizes and raw material for cut-to-length specials. We also inventory the ASTM A194 Grade 8 nuts that are commonly supplied with the bolts. Additionally, both ASTM A194 Grade 8F nuts (303 SS) and ASTM A194 Grade 8M nuts (316 SS) are often specified with Grade 8 bolts and studs. We inventory 8F, 8M and a limited amount of 8S heavy nut material as well. These alternate nuts grades can help significantly with galling issues.

Large refinery where B8 studs are common

B8 is widely used in both studs and bolts, and also is common in socket heads, ferry bolts (12 points) and several other type of specialty fasteners. In addition, B8 tap ends and double ends are extremely common in heavy industrial equipment.

B8 is available in both class 1 (“standard”) and class 2 (“hardened”). The Class 2 material is specified for applications where a stronger metal is required. Common examples include non-metal flanges, such as FRP flanges, PVC and CPVC flanges, and other “soft” non-metal flanges. Additionally, Class 2 material is more resistant to galling, gaining it wide acceptance in industries such as chemical processing as waste water.

Additionally, ASTM A320 B8 is often used on cryogenic applications to make the stainless A312 piping that is typically used in air-sep and related fields. Certs and MTR’s are available from Technical Threads for no additional charge.

We stock ASTM A193 B8 for immediate shipment. We can comply with DFARS, Domestic, and 100% M&M USA on stud bolts for same day shipping. Heavy hex bolts are also available for same day shipment. Corresponding nuts are, of course, stocked as well.

As industry becomes increasingly aware of the cost of corrosion, as illustrated by the bolts on the flange application pictured below, count on Technical Threads to be your supplier for corrosion resistant stainless and high nickel alloy bolting. Contact us today!

Rusty studs on flange