BNG kits go by a variety of names… bolt packs, flange packs, bolt, nut & gasket kits, and more! No matter what they are called, they are a convenient way of providing all the necessary materials to install a piping flange.

Technical Threads supplies standard & custom BNG kits, as well as a variety of custom services. Our BNG kit linecard can be found here.

Standard kits:

    A193 B7 studs, A194 2H nuts and spiral wound gaskets

These kits are standard for heavy industry process piping, including petrochemical, refining & power. The alloy steel used in the hardware provides excellent temperature capabilities, and spiral wound gaskets are able to tolerate more extreme pressures & temperatures than their soft counterparts.

    A307 zinc hardware & non-asbestos 150# ring gasket

These kits are the standard kit for commercial HVAC piping systems. They are typically found on carbon steel pipe with raised face slip-on flanges.

    A307 zinc hardware & red rubber 150# full face gaskets

These kits are the standard for the water treatment industry. They are typically found on ductile iron piping systems, with flat faced DI fittings.

    18-8 stainless hardware & Teflon® 150# ring gasket

These kits are standard for stainless process pipe systems. Teflon® is used as a gasket for the same reason its the most common seat for valves in these systems: it process excellent corrosion resistance against many chemicals, works well on low & moderate temperature systems, and covers a wide variety of applcations.

Valve Kits:
We also supply bolt packs and bolt, nut & gasket kits for a variety of valves. We stock the common bolts for knife gates & butterfly valves. All we need is the model number, size and desired fastener material, and we’ll create a custom bolt-up pack or BNG kit for your valve.

Flange Insulation Packs:
We handle these packs, commonly used in oil & gas service. We can supply a variety of washer, insulator and gasket material. Our standard offerings in FNDW and ENDW kits, with mylar sleeves, and G10 washers. We can supply any of the bolting requirements to go with the flange insulation kit, making for an easy installation.

These are just a small sampling of the common kits that Technical Threads can supply. The combination of gasket materials and fastener options is nearly limitless. Please contact us today to discuss your unique applications.