We stock B7’s in a variety of lengths, and can supply cut-to-order studs immediately in special sizes. Technical Threads supplies B7 stud bolts both individually and assembled with ASTM A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts. The ASTM A193 B7 stud is our most common fasteners for process piping applications. Technical Threads also inventories a large selection of both UN8 and UNC ASTM A193 B7 heavy hex bolts. We stock the common flange sizes, as well as many butterfly valve bolt sizes and longer-length bolts. We stock the corresponding nuts (ASTM A194 2H heavy hex nuts) as well.

B7 studs and bolts are manufactured from Chromium-Molybdenum Ferritic Alloy Steel.

We inventory both cut-to-length studs and raw material for immediate shipment of custom sized studs andbolts.

B7 studs are often preferred to heavy hex bolts or cap screws due to the following: good strength, good temperature limits, quick installation, forgiving length tolerance, and overall familiarity.

B7 studs are cut from B7 rod. The rod can be supplied in bulk lengths of 3′, 6′, 10′ and 12′.

Most of the time B7 studs are supplied plain. However, cad-plating, zinc-plating and blue teflon® are commonly seen on the studs. As a standard, many of the applications requiring B7 stud bolts are higher temperature, and zinc & cad plating will fail and have issues well before the stud will. This is one of the reasons that heavy industry uses B7 stud bolts in plain finish primarily, and in teflon® finish for corrosive applications. Cad plated is more common in the oil & gas market, and zinc plating is more common in the HVAC market and low-temperature applications.

Common coatings supplied from stock or quick shipment:

    Hot Dip Galvanized B7 studs (HDG)
    Zinc plated B7 studs (clear/blue, or “standard”)
    Yellow Zinc plated B7 studs
    Clear Cadmium plated B7 studs
    Yellow Cadmium plated B7 studs
    Blue Xylan® or Blue Teflon® (supplied in a variety of specific finishes as required)
    Green Xylan® or Green Teflon® (supplied in a variety of specific finishes as required)

Please click here for our data sheet on B7 studs.

The default nut for ASTM A193 B7 stud bolts is the ASTM A194 2H Heavy Hex Nut. Please click here for our data sheet on 2H nuts.

Please also check out our information on the ASME SA193 and ASME SA194 specs. These specs are different than the ASTM specifications and apply to boilers and other pressure vessels.